About Us

Pastor Brad Minett

God, Family, Church—It is first essential for me to seek strength each day through personal prayer and Bible study in order for me to properly impact the people around me every day. Then it is just as essential for me to spend quality time, energy, and resources on my family. It is worthless for me to excel in my ministry to the church if I fail my family along the way. My ‘calling’ is to pastoral ministry and my work therein is so much more productive as I properly prioritize my wife and kids.

Also, do what you can do and don’t worry about what you can’t do.

The evidence of God’s hand at work throughout my life is abundant and I am constantly finding fresh reminders of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through my study of Scripture and the writings of Ellen White.




Bob Bockmann (Head Elder)


We are located in beautiful East Texas.  We are also close to Lake Palestine which makes its presence known as you drive across long bridges, viewing egrets and pelicans here and there on the water.  Cattle graze on the lake’s grassy banks, and fishermen continually ply their boats seeking crappie and bass.
Begun as a church plant in 2008 with only ten members, Chandler Adventist Fellowship is enjoying steady growth, with triple that or more in average attendance.  Still a very small church, we are known for some very good things:

  • Many excellent speakers

  • Ready help among our community

  • A super fellowship lunch every Sabbath

  • Loving relationships

  • Numerous mission projects


 More than anything else, our purpose here is to know Christ, to prepare for His soon coming, and to make Him known to all the world around us.
Visit us!  And join us.